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Failed to pay for the order, what data should I transfer to?

Here are the details for making the transfer:

Account number: 18 2490 0005 0000 4600 8519 4620
Currency: EUR
Bank: Alior Bank (Poland)
IBAN: PL18249000050000460085194620 

Account number: 58 2490 0005 0000 4520 2541 5594
Currency: PLN
Bank: Alior Bank (Poland)
IBAN: PL58249000050000452025415594

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How to search for parts?

If you have a part number, enter it into the Store Finder.


Select your car - the store will show the products used in the selected vehicle.

Manufacturers within one model used several types of parts - so if you are not sure - contact us.

Select the appropriate category and subcategory of parts or enter the name of the element you are looking for in the store search engine.

Video instruction available at:

The product sheets contain information on the compatibility of parts with a given car model.

If you are not sure if a given element is suitable - contact us - have a VIN number ready!

Do I have to choose a vehicle model?

No, if you know the part number, just enter it in the store finder.

How to fix car pages?

car hand

Remember that the presented data on the matching of parts to a given vehicle show the entire production range of the model.

Within one model, the manufacturer could use several different types of parts. If you are not sure that the presented part fits your car, please contact us.

Prepare data such as: brand, model, year of production, engine capacity and power, as well as the VIN number.

These data will allow us to verify the fit of the parts and select the appropriate element.

Do I have to register an account in the store before shopping?

No, registration can be made during the order fulfillment, after adding products to the basket, or you can make purchases without creating an account.

How to make a purchase?

After clicking the "Add to Cart" button, the goods will be added to your cart. At this point, you can search for the next parts by clicking the continue shopping button, or go to the basket to complete the order.

How to use a discount code?

The rebate code should be entered in the appropriate field and confirmed in the basket after adding the goods.

How can I contact you?

We have prepared three ways of contacting us at your disposal:

What are the payment methods for the order?

For your convenience, we provide four payment methods :

  • Online payments - tpay
  • Online payments - PayPal
  • Bank transfer
  • Cash on delivery

payment methods

Thanks to online payments, you can pay by:

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